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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You CAN Come Home Again

Today I quote the famous saying, "You can never come home again". This is not true. You most certainly CAN come home again and make it work. Whoever created this ridiculous saying must have had family troubles of his own. But today, I question not the sanity of coming home again, but rather I question the sanity of ever leaving home in the first place. And I know what some of you who read this might be thinking, "Oh, he's too young to understand", "He's never experienced it himself". Well, the last is true but the first I disagree with entirely. A young mind, though naive, is often the freshest and often mostly uncorrupted by worldly troubles. We also have a ton of time on our hands so why NOT ponder? Regardless, what I'm getting at is that I believe that you shouldn't leave home 'till your ready to leave. People now-a-days think of this in terms with insanity often pondering like this: "Oh, that guys still lives with his mom, what a dork", or in terms of women, "LOL, he is SO not my type. I mean, I don't want a guy who can't leave his mom". What people fail to see is that, though you might be in rebellion and have quite a few quarrels with your loved one's at home, at home you have EVERYTHING. You have a room, people that love you no matter what, food on the table, easily accessible advice, free TV, and often internet and a computer. Best thing is it's often ALL FREE, and if it's NOT it's usually only chores around the house, or a piece of your paycheck that is three times lower in price than most apartment rents. So I, your young philosopher, question the sanity of the people who question the sanity of the people who stay home! (I know.. confusing, right?) Now for those of you who are firm believers that you MUST go on your own at some point in your life, what I state today isn't me saying that you shouldn't get a job and eventually get your own place, for men well... It's what makes us men. So today I ask all of you to doubt for just a few minutes what ever rebellious thoughts your hopped up on now. Doubt for just a few minutes what you think you know. And it might just be enough to change your life.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever you wish to call me (within reason),

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