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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Thief Next Door.

Witty, confusing titles are the best, agreed?

Wazzzzup, classmates? Yep, had to spice up the normal greeting.
Ever wondered how the most famous thief in myths and legend, Robin Hood, ever became the heroic outlaw he is to everyone? Read the book! That's what I told myself after finishing "Little Men". And so I started the book and wanted to give you a summary of it so far. Sound good?

Robin Hood, by Joseph Walker McSpadden.
The book starts out with stating that Robert Fitzooth was born in Lockesley town as heir of the Chief of the foresters there. Thusly, he was called Rob, or Lockesley. When he was a boy, his father was taken away under false pretenses of treason, and hung. Therefore, Rob grew up with his mother, aunt, and uncle. One day when Rob was coming of age, his mother told him of the fair that was going to happen in Nottingham town, and that, being that the boy was highly skilled with a bow, there was an archery contest. He left for the fair and coming upon a group of foresters, with whom he was enemies, he stopped as they laughed at his coming attempt at the fair. He wagered his head that he could hit a deer at an extraordinary distance. Upon the head forester's agreement, he shot the deer (not knowing that it was one of the kings deer) and scoffed of his winning. The head forester, much angry at his humiliation, exclaimed that he shot the king's deer ad that his life was forfeit. Rob hurriedly walked away, but the head forester took up his bow and shot an arrow that nearly hit Rob. Turning around, he shot and arrow of his own which hit it's mark and felled the leader of the foresters, which avenged his father's death (for the head forester had been one of the schemers in his father's demise). He was then labeled an outlaw and as he ran away down the road he happened upon an old widows house. The lady invited him in reluctantly, and said her sons were visiting. Her sons were strong, lithe men, whom Rob got along with charmingly. And upon getting Rob to swear an oath of fealty, told him about the their band of outlaws. They told him if he won the golden arrow from the fair's archery contest, that he would become their new leader, which they were in need of.

So there ya' have it. A quick summary for you, coming from your friend, classmate, comrade, and avid reader,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Men

Hello, again, classmates. Just wanted to give you a good summary on the book I've been reading this week. It's called "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott. It's basically a sequel to the first book "Little Women" though it has little (some but very little) to do with the main characters from first book. It has three recurring characters from the first book that you might remember: Laurie, Jo, and Jo's husband whom she calls Fritz. As you might recall from the ending of the first book, Jo had started a school for young boys with her husband. Well this is where the second book takes place. The book starts with a homeless boy sent to Jo's school by Laurie (whom the children call Uncle Teddy, shortening his first name, Theodore, to the nickname Jo called him throughout his life). The boy's name is Nat, and upon arriving finds that the school is a pleasant place. Jo's maid greets him at the door and hurries him inside where she sits him in a chair to dry (it had been raining), while waiting he is greeted by Demi, Daisy, and Franz (Meg and John's boy and girl, and another young man who loves to read and write). He finds the three excellently agreeable and takes pleasure in their company. Daisy then takes him to see Jo, whom the kids call Mother Bhaer (A charming pun for her last name). Jo greets him, and upon seeing that the child is poor, and sick, and very kind, her motherly instincts kick in and she takes the new boy readily in as her new "cub". She baths him and gives him a bed and medicine and Nat is soon feeling right as rain. The stories go on thusly, with many lessons to learn throughout the book, with Dan (wild and courageous), Jack (sneaky and always looking for a "quick buck") Naughty Nan (name says it all) and quite a few others. This is a good book and I recommend that you DO read this book, whether as a sequel to the first, or by itself.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (within reason),

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Computer "Virus"

No not an actual virus. We have AVG for that...

Greetings, classmates. Sorry for the scare (if there was one), if you thought that I had an actual computer virus. It was just the catchiest title I could think of (after doing algebra.. blegh). Anyways, it goes pretty well with what I'm gonna talk about (or rather ramble on about aimlessly.. kidding) today.

The Virus that is COMPUTER:
If we each only knew one word in our entire life, oh, how we'd cherish it! We'd study every syllable, gain every piece of information we could from it, until we knew everything about it, and be all the better for the work we've done. But today we have millions of books and infinite information at the click of a button, and yet we choose  to learn nothing. We choose to sit with the lonely knowledge that we've managed to glean from something we think we were forced to go through. One day we will die from voluntary ignorance. Why? Because, instead, the very tool we could use to make our knowledge as expanded as that of Einstein, we instead use for our own materialistic and idealistically surface pleasures. The computer games, and the sites like Facebook, rid us of important face-to-face values and in the end can just make us grumpy and all the worse for having given in to our self-pleasuring nature. Things like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many other sites like that, take away from even our personalities by making us forget that face-to-face chats, or even phone calls have actually more charm and turn out better and more fulfilling than the most high-tech chat-room. Now video-games, they're my weakness. I love to sit down and play computer for ours upon ours, even though that voice in the back of my head is telling me constantly "Get up, Jacob!", but i'm trying profusely to quit.
All in all the computer is fine in MODERATION.
Don't let it rule your life.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or yea you get the point,