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Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Men

Hello, again, classmates. Just wanted to give you a good summary on the book I've been reading this week. It's called "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott. It's basically a sequel to the first book "Little Women" though it has little (some but very little) to do with the main characters from first book. It has three recurring characters from the first book that you might remember: Laurie, Jo, and Jo's husband whom she calls Fritz. As you might recall from the ending of the first book, Jo had started a school for young boys with her husband. Well this is where the second book takes place. The book starts with a homeless boy sent to Jo's school by Laurie (whom the children call Uncle Teddy, shortening his first name, Theodore, to the nickname Jo called him throughout his life). The boy's name is Nat, and upon arriving finds that the school is a pleasant place. Jo's maid greets him at the door and hurries him inside where she sits him in a chair to dry (it had been raining), while waiting he is greeted by Demi, Daisy, and Franz (Meg and John's boy and girl, and another young man who loves to read and write). He finds the three excellently agreeable and takes pleasure in their company. Daisy then takes him to see Jo, whom the kids call Mother Bhaer (A charming pun for her last name). Jo greets him, and upon seeing that the child is poor, and sick, and very kind, her motherly instincts kick in and she takes the new boy readily in as her new "cub". She baths him and gives him a bed and medicine and Nat is soon feeling right as rain. The stories go on thusly, with many lessons to learn throughout the book, with Dan (wild and courageous), Jack (sneaky and always looking for a "quick buck") Naughty Nan (name says it all) and quite a few others. This is a good book and I recommend that you DO read this book, whether as a sequel to the first, or by itself.

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