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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Thief Next Door.

Witty, confusing titles are the best, agreed?

Wazzzzup, classmates? Yep, had to spice up the normal greeting.
Ever wondered how the most famous thief in myths and legend, Robin Hood, ever became the heroic outlaw he is to everyone? Read the book! That's what I told myself after finishing "Little Men". And so I started the book and wanted to give you a summary of it so far. Sound good?

Robin Hood, by Joseph Walker McSpadden.
The book starts out with stating that Robert Fitzooth was born in Lockesley town as heir of the Chief of the foresters there. Thusly, he was called Rob, or Lockesley. When he was a boy, his father was taken away under false pretenses of treason, and hung. Therefore, Rob grew up with his mother, aunt, and uncle. One day when Rob was coming of age, his mother told him of the fair that was going to happen in Nottingham town, and that, being that the boy was highly skilled with a bow, there was an archery contest. He left for the fair and coming upon a group of foresters, with whom he was enemies, he stopped as they laughed at his coming attempt at the fair. He wagered his head that he could hit a deer at an extraordinary distance. Upon the head forester's agreement, he shot the deer (not knowing that it was one of the kings deer) and scoffed of his winning. The head forester, much angry at his humiliation, exclaimed that he shot the king's deer ad that his life was forfeit. Rob hurriedly walked away, but the head forester took up his bow and shot an arrow that nearly hit Rob. Turning around, he shot and arrow of his own which hit it's mark and felled the leader of the foresters, which avenged his father's death (for the head forester had been one of the schemers in his father's demise). He was then labeled an outlaw and as he ran away down the road he happened upon an old widows house. The lady invited him in reluctantly, and said her sons were visiting. Her sons were strong, lithe men, whom Rob got along with charmingly. And upon getting Rob to swear an oath of fealty, told him about the their band of outlaws. They told him if he won the golden arrow from the fair's archery contest, that he would become their new leader, which they were in need of.

So there ya' have it. A quick summary for you, coming from your friend, classmate, comrade, and avid reader,

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