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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Philosophical Adventures of Robin Hood

Sort of a continuation to the short-but-sweet summary "The Thief Next Door"...

Greetings, classmates. I had already given you the normal book report version of the Robin Hood summary, so today I'd like to just talk about a few of my favorite characters. One of my favorite is friar tuck, who always seems to do just the right thing in a lot of situations. He's average height and wide, and has a merry countenance that can attract a friendly conversation ad infinitum. He also is an excellent sword fighter, one of the best archers, and has many dogs trained to serve him. Next up is Little John who, as you know, Is not so little at all. He's a head taler than any average man, he's well built and muscular, and he's the darned best sword fighter ever to cross through Sherwood Forest. He's not the brightest candle in the bunch, but what he lacks in wit he easily makes up for in honest, nearly fool-hearted loyalty to his friends, and, especially, his master, Robin Hood. Then there's Will Scarlet, who is a merry, slightly feminine, man. But his slightly girlish traits are just a cover-up for a witty scheming, and good fencing, yeoman. And how can I forget my favorite character of them all? He's my favorite because of his modest simplicity and his easy charm. His name is Much, and he was once the Sheriff's cook. The story goes that Little John had "entered the Sheriff's service", all the while scheming to simply get some food, eat, steal some stuff, and head back to Robin without the Sheriff knowing at all. Turns out the cook (Much) only had one meal left for himself, and planned to eat it. Him and Little John, being big men and needing quite a bit of food, decided to fight over it. When the long fight was finished with a stalemate, Little John asked his fencing-equal to join Robin Hood and his merry band of adventurers. Of course, Much excepted, and they left with quite a bit of loot, I might add.

Nathless, I do recommend this book for any reader as it can fit any taste with equal charm.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, and.... this outro is getting old :),

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