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Friday, August 5, 2011

"To Be or Not To Be"

Is that really a question?

Hey there, classmates.
This is a continuation of my post
Which, yes, being italicized, it IS a link.
If you have't yet, go read that post first to avoid minor confusion of 'what in tarnation' this post is all about.

My friends this post is about one thing:
The Future.
No, not the once-wished-for, flying car ridden future that plagues the mind of thought provoked and technologically inclined people.
No- though it could happen- I speak of the near future.
Specifically of myself. 

Now that I've worked down the categories in a non-construed way (aka rambling) I can begin. 

My Future
a post within a post.
scary, I know.

Hey there.
Welcome to my future.
You see me bagging groceries for people at Winn-Dixie.
You see me finishing up my Driver's test and grabbing my learner's permit.
You see me with my newly purchased laptop, laughing at something my friend did on a game.
You see MTGaming with 100 subs and working it's way further up.
Welcome to my future.
Or rather, what could be my future.

Now, to disperse the misguided effect that this is a Sci-Fi movie, I admit that it was presented in an odd way.
But you know, oddities are the spice of life.
So is it to be or no to be?
Good ole Hamlet didn't even know.
So I guess it's up to me to wait.

Now, without further ado, I once again point you toward that comment box. What are YOUR plans for the future?
Leave me a comment telling me what they are, and, hey, give me some advice about patience also :).

As always, your host,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great

By Jacob A. Howard

A Great; a voice. A halcyon tune.
Calling time's edge nearer and nigh.
A whimsical whistling, hark!
Hark. It sounds again as it wishes away
 the Great.

A great; a tune. A stentorian voice.
Beckoning with a hum the time beneath;
Beneath the clock that chimes away.
Chimes away and wishes away
the Great.

To hear; to hark. That voice; that tune.
To wish away the Great, would be:
Would be a bomb in design.
A bomb displaced and replaced by
the Great.

With the two objects,
in holy contradiction,
To say them both would fail.
Would fail a devised plan,
A warranted plan,
A plan created by He, Himself.
A plan by:
the Great.

As always, your host,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Future That Is:

Fruitcake! No, I kid.

Hey there, classmates.
It's times like these that I realize how gosh darned impatient I truly am.
Why, you ask?
Well I'll tell you.
New. Math. Book.
Three words (unless you count periods).
Instead of this Advanced Mathematics book (the one that comes right after Algebra 2 in the Saxon curriculum) that practically makes my head go boom, I get to go into something that makes much better sense in my poor old brain.
The technical name for this is:
Consumer Math.
Let me hear the applause.

Now before I lose my choo-choo train of thought, I'll talk about what's happened a while ago, and what's to happen in the near future.

What's happened a while ago:

As you might know, I have a gaming channel on YouTube under the name of AwkwardWaffle. Well, recently I emailed Paradox Interactive inquiring if I could acquire a preview copy of a game that will soon be coming out called Sengoku. Not only did they agree to that, but they also gave me a press account on GamersGate containing full copies of most of their newest games for me to play on the channel.
As if I wasn't having enough of a heart attack, they also told me that I would be acquiring all of their newest titles when they come out, free of charge, for years to come!

There's much more for me to talk about, but I'll cut it off here :).
So, leave me what's been happening in your life and/or what your plans are for the future in the comment section below.
Hopefully I'll actually talk about the future next post.

As always, your host,