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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great

By Jacob A. Howard

A Great; a voice. A halcyon tune.
Calling time's edge nearer and nigh.
A whimsical whistling, hark!
Hark. It sounds again as it wishes away
 the Great.

A great; a tune. A stentorian voice.
Beckoning with a hum the time beneath;
Beneath the clock that chimes away.
Chimes away and wishes away
the Great.

To hear; to hark. That voice; that tune.
To wish away the Great, would be:
Would be a bomb in design.
A bomb displaced and replaced by
the Great.

With the two objects,
in holy contradiction,
To say them both would fail.
Would fail a devised plan,
A warranted plan,
A plan created by He, Himself.
A plan by:
the Great.

As always, your host,

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