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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Night-time Sit-down With The Family.

Tonight I sit here with a snack deciding to do a little night-time blogging of sorts. Tonight we're going to discuss the ups and downs of taxes.... As if. No not taxes.. We'll discuss my family. I decided, since I had nothing special on my mind this night, why not introduce the old fam living here with me. There's my father who is completely insane.... No, he's crazy a lot, but underneath the shell of insanity you have one of the wisest, kindest, most loving, business-minded men of all time. That's my father. A man who's there for you at every step. And a father ready to give any advice to his son who will hopefully grow to be just like him. You have a my mom (you know her as Kelly most likely) who, though she has yet to discover, she is, to my notice,  absolutely, the most brilliant, cheesy, kind, children-loving, G-d fearing, husband-loving, woman I know. She doesn't realize that she does everything with an air of perfection and organization and love. She is an EXCELLENT cook and she knows it too, though she won't admit it to herself yet. 5 star chef in my book, trust me. Next you have my sister, who... well.... Let's just say she doesn't exactly stay OFF my nerves, but hey, I guess it's kinda her job. What I know is she is wise beyond her years, she's beautiful to the point that it makes me angry cuz she's gonna have all those young men chasing after her one day. She can be random... Boy can she be random and funny and loving. And I know she loves me behind that teasing, aggravating shell that sometimes protrudes itself, because she sometimes shows it, and when she does, it warms my heart. I love Hannah with all of my heart as I do my mother and father, of course. Next we have my big sis, Terra who is becoming a WONDERFUL mother. Kinda have to feel betrayed though. Like one of your best friends joined the dark side or something. But she is becoming as good as her mother at being well... a mother. Next you have my brother A.J. whom I shared a room with for oh.... 10 or so years of my life? He is nutty, and random, and he can be kind and loving as anyone. Undiscovered in his own talent he is an artist. I love my brother. Next we have my dog... Dixie who is, well, for all intents and purposes, a rotten, lazy, treat-addicted mutt. But she is playful and the kindest dog I've met. She is the sweetest thing. When you're sad, she'll come and kiss/lick your face. She is also the prettiest dog in all of the south.

Well now... There ya have it. There's my family for ya. Now I've finished my snack and it's off to bed for me. Goodnight all and I hope you sleep wonderfully. I'll be blogging tomorrow again with the next part of mus'ad's adventure. I hope you all get a chance to talk to my mom and my sister who are also avid bloggers. Once again, goodnight.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or... You get the point :),

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mission Quite Possible

I'm not going to make this a hyperbole, yet I'm not going to sit here in torpor wracking my brain for words fit to publish. I know what I'm here to say, and I know how I'm going to say it. On my first post "Do My Eyes Deceive Me?!" I stated what I was here for, and why I was blogging. I don't think I made myself clear enough or, further more, I did not make my mission defined enough. I'm here for many reasons. 1. Simply because I like doing what I do, and my mom and sis have a blog too so I figured "Hey, why not?" 2. I'm here to be a role-model for my posterity. 3. Because I want to do something out of the rife of my generation despite bad criticism and/or odious comments toward me.
In one of my posts "A Psalm of Life" I stated how we should all be heroes for our posterity. That's why it is absolutely my favorite poem without question. I'm here not because I am wiser than anyone, because I know I am young and people that are much older than me are much much wiser, but I humbly try my hardest not just for the previous generation, no, not exactly for them at all, but for the future. I sometimes sit and wish I could change many things in our world, though I won't list them so that there is no controversy on the subject. But don't we all wish to change something?? So why not act? Things can change sometimes with even a few simple, well thought up words, and I'm here to do just that. Now I stated before that I won't make this a LONG speech, but I do wish to make my point. If there is anyone out there reading this with some advice on how I should continue blogging or anything at all please comment it. It will be much appreciated. And I encourage every youngster such as myself to make something of themselves. We should not live in a world of slackers and underachievers. We all have a purpose in our lives, and, though some of us have yet to find it, we should never stop looking for it.
On another note, I will not be getting to the rest of Mus'ad's story until next week. Until then...

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (within reason),

P.S. Help another and you help yourself.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Roots of Cynicism

Hello, my dear classmates. Today..... Is it Monday again?! Time flies, does it not? Beginning again. Today, I ponder on the roots of what we call cynicism. I would like to start by saying that though I AM opinionated, I will keep this post somewhat neutral and mentally distinguished. Moving on. . . Alright, well first I'll start off by giving a correct and easily comprehensible definition: Cynicism- The belief that others act purely out of selfish motives. Quite an absolute wouldn't you think? To believe that no one acts selflessly in their lives, and every motive is purely self centered. I will display my thoughts on if it is right to be this way or wrong. But, first, I will give a few reasons why we arrive at this belief in the first place and explain them to the best of my ability. Well there is the best reason: I'm sure there's many of you who have been stabbed in the back by someone who you might have thought actually cared about you. He or she did something good or bad, used you in the process for their own gain, and left you with a terrible view of the world and it's motives. I mean, sure, there ARE a good many of us who could get over it once, but there are another good many of us who just couldn't let it go, and further more an even greater number who have been scarred by it happening again or repeated times. The next reason is a possible upbringing. You could have had this belief drilled into your head at a young age or even throughout your life. It's hard to block out something from a family member, especially your parents. This reason brings me to to say that input and influence in our lives can change us... But only if we allow it. Those two reasons are the only ones I have pondered at the moment, if you have anymore, please comment them with an explanation. Moving on. These reasons are often the roots of cynicism. Honestly how could they NOT be? I mean if you actually sit and think about it you can only come to one conclusion. Either you're mentally scarred into thinking it or influenced and taught to. Either way, it brings us to cynicism. Now is it necessarily wrong to be cynical? In excess yes. But many, many people DO act purely out of selfish motives, do things that only benefit themselves. So practicing a little cynicism practically equals caution, plain and simple. Now cynicism in excess, to believe that EVERYONE acts purely for themselves, is completely wrong. You should never be too trusting, but you SHOULD give trust where it's due and to those you think are worthy. I know for a fact that it takes time to earn trust and it's easily broken, for as many given things in our world, it is very fragile. So I say cynicism in the lowest degree is once again plainly caution. But an excess IS wrong. That's the best I can tell you.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (within reason),

P.S. I will be continuing Mus'ad's adventure Friday, thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What is Good

"What is the real good?"
I asked in musing mood,
"Order," said the court;
"Knowledge," said the school;
"Truth," said the wise man;
"Pleasure," said the fool;
"Love," said the maiden;
"Beauty," said the page;
"Freedom," said the dreamer;
"Home," said the sage;
"Fame," said the soldier;
"Equity," said the seer.
Spake my heart full sadly
"The answer is not here."
Then within my bosom
Softly this I heard:
"Each heart holds the secret,
Kindness is the word."

I have no Yesterdays,
Time took them away;
Tomorrow may not be~~
But I still have Today. 

The question is not what a man can scorn, or disparage, or find fault with, but what he can love, and value, and appreciate.

If you have knowledge, let others light there candles at it.

I didn't find my friends; the good Lord gave them to me.

They might not need me; but they might,
I'll let my head be just in sight; 
A smile as small as mine may be
Precisely their necessity.

Love cannot be forced, love cannot be coaxed and teased.
It comes out of heaven above, unasked and unsought.

The universe is centered on neither the earth nor the sun..
It is centered on God.

I  can more easily see our Lord sweeping the streets of London,
Than issuing edicts from it's cathedral.

If you have built your castles in the air, your work
need not be lost; that is where they should be.
Now put a foundation under them.

I shall grow old, but never lose life's zest,
Because the road's last turn will be the best.

Just a few quotes of wisdom coming to you from your young philosopher.
Duly note: Hump of the Grump part 3 will be coming to you next week.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (within reason),

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Hump of the Grump part 2

As they were trotting down the path toward the enormous tent, the man decided to introduce himself. "I am Wafeeq Yasir" said he. Mus'ad groaned in response. When they arrived at the tent, Wafeeq hitched him to a post and walked off in pursuit of a potential buyer. Mus'ad grumbled and moaned and all-around complained to the utmost degree.. but to no avail. After two and a quarter hours, Wafeeq returned with a customer. The customer looked Mus'ad over lightly, and Mus'ad moaned and moaned. The man was taken aback by this and left. Wafeeq shouted after him. He then went searching for another customer and left Mus'ad to once again grumble and complain. This process repeated throughout the rest of the day. Finally late at night, right before the tent was closing, another man walked up. This one with a dark curled mustache and deep black eyes. He walked up and looked Mus'ad over quickly and skeptically. Mus'ad moaned once more, but the man gave him such a mean, cruel look that he immediately stopped. The man said he would like to purchase Mus'ad. Wafeeq quickly sold him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to sell him any other way. The man then introduced himself as Qutaiba. And the man then rode him down to a large castle-like structure and hitched him in a dungeon like stable. Sa'id was the man that controlled the dungeon/stables and brought Mus'ad water. Early the next morning, Qutaiba woke him up earlier than he'd ever been woken up, strapped a harness to Mus'ad and attached an enormous cart to his back. It was absolutely filled with random items and almost impossible t lug around by poor, poor Mus'ad... To be continued

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hump of the Grump part 1

Hello, my dear fellow classmates, today instead of just my normal deciphering or words of wisdom, I will let this story give you what wisdom you desire. This story is about a very grumpy camel. And it goes like this: In the great dessert lands of Arabia, there once was a grumpy camel named Mus'ad, and this camel had a master named Arif. Mus'ad thought his master worked him very hard and would always grumble and complain. In fact he grumbled and complained so much that he was known to be the grumpiest camel in all of the desert. One day his master woke him up so that he could ride him to the market and he grumbled and moaned and complained SO much that Arif decided to come home before he was finished shopping. When they got back, Mus'ad fell asleep and Arif shook his head in disappointment. That night Arif decided something that would change grumpy old Mus'ad's life forever... He decided to sell him.  The next morning Arif once again woke Mus'ad up, and after much pressuring and pushing and hassling Arif once again rode him to the market. When they got there, Mus'ad was surprised to see that his master rode him past the normal stalls in which he did his shopping. They kept riding until they were at a bigger tent-like area. In that area there seemed to have a lot of animals of all sorts roaming inside a fenced in area, but what was especially striking to Mus'ad was that there was a ton of camels. Arif dismounted him and took off his saddle. Mus'ad was confused by his master's actions and even more so when Arif took a rope, tied it around Mus'ad's neck, and started tugging him in the direction of the fenced in area where a man dressed in an expensive desert-robe was standing, trading the money in a bag for a round of camels. Mus'ad, at that moment, knew his fate.... They walked up to the man and Mus'ad moaned and moaned. The man with the bag of money laughed at this sight. His master, Arif handed the man the rope which was tied around Mus'ad's neck, and the man looked Mus'ad over with highly trained eyes. He then took out a small bag of coins and handed it to Arif, speaking in the strange tongue of human's. Mus'ad then was tugged down the path to the tent...... To be continued.