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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Hump of the Grump part 2

As they were trotting down the path toward the enormous tent, the man decided to introduce himself. "I am Wafeeq Yasir" said he. Mus'ad groaned in response. When they arrived at the tent, Wafeeq hitched him to a post and walked off in pursuit of a potential buyer. Mus'ad grumbled and moaned and all-around complained to the utmost degree.. but to no avail. After two and a quarter hours, Wafeeq returned with a customer. The customer looked Mus'ad over lightly, and Mus'ad moaned and moaned. The man was taken aback by this and left. Wafeeq shouted after him. He then went searching for another customer and left Mus'ad to once again grumble and complain. This process repeated throughout the rest of the day. Finally late at night, right before the tent was closing, another man walked up. This one with a dark curled mustache and deep black eyes. He walked up and looked Mus'ad over quickly and skeptically. Mus'ad moaned once more, but the man gave him such a mean, cruel look that he immediately stopped. The man said he would like to purchase Mus'ad. Wafeeq quickly sold him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to sell him any other way. The man then introduced himself as Qutaiba. And the man then rode him down to a large castle-like structure and hitched him in a dungeon like stable. Sa'id was the man that controlled the dungeon/stables and brought Mus'ad water. Early the next morning, Qutaiba woke him up earlier than he'd ever been woken up, strapped a harness to Mus'ad and attached an enormous cart to his back. It was absolutely filled with random items and almost impossible t lug around by poor, poor Mus'ad... To be continued

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