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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Night-time Sit-down With The Family.

Tonight I sit here with a snack deciding to do a little night-time blogging of sorts. Tonight we're going to discuss the ups and downs of taxes.... As if. No not taxes.. We'll discuss my family. I decided, since I had nothing special on my mind this night, why not introduce the old fam living here with me. There's my father who is completely insane.... No, he's crazy a lot, but underneath the shell of insanity you have one of the wisest, kindest, most loving, business-minded men of all time. That's my father. A man who's there for you at every step. And a father ready to give any advice to his son who will hopefully grow to be just like him. You have a my mom (you know her as Kelly most likely) who, though she has yet to discover, she is, to my notice,  absolutely, the most brilliant, cheesy, kind, children-loving, G-d fearing, husband-loving, woman I know. She doesn't realize that she does everything with an air of perfection and organization and love. She is an EXCELLENT cook and she knows it too, though she won't admit it to herself yet. 5 star chef in my book, trust me. Next you have my sister, who... well.... Let's just say she doesn't exactly stay OFF my nerves, but hey, I guess it's kinda her job. What I know is she is wise beyond her years, she's beautiful to the point that it makes me angry cuz she's gonna have all those young men chasing after her one day. She can be random... Boy can she be random and funny and loving. And I know she loves me behind that teasing, aggravating shell that sometimes protrudes itself, because she sometimes shows it, and when she does, it warms my heart. I love Hannah with all of my heart as I do my mother and father, of course. Next we have my big sis, Terra who is becoming a WONDERFUL mother. Kinda have to feel betrayed though. Like one of your best friends joined the dark side or something. But she is becoming as good as her mother at being well... a mother. Next you have my brother A.J. whom I shared a room with for oh.... 10 or so years of my life? He is nutty, and random, and he can be kind and loving as anyone. Undiscovered in his own talent he is an artist. I love my brother. Next we have my dog... Dixie who is, well, for all intents and purposes, a rotten, lazy, treat-addicted mutt. But she is playful and the kindest dog I've met. She is the sweetest thing. When you're sad, she'll come and kiss/lick your face. She is also the prettiest dog in all of the south.

Well now... There ya have it. There's my family for ya. Now I've finished my snack and it's off to bed for me. Goodnight all and I hope you sleep wonderfully. I'll be blogging tomorrow again with the next part of mus'ad's adventure. I hope you all get a chance to talk to my mom and my sister who are also avid bloggers. Once again, goodnight.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or... You get the point :),

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  1. How dare you release my secret that I ACTUALLY love you! :P Just kidin', Brother, I do love you. And this was a very nice post!