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 A Call 

By Jacob A. Howard 


As silent as a breath without breathing,
As quiet as a call without name.
As powerful as the lovely Earth,
Attracts the Moon, just the same.

A bidding tide to wash away,
Too much, the pain that comes today,
To Him, I say I heartily agree,
That, humans, we are blind.

To talk in such a way
Would admit that I am part of it, too.
And when things are all said and done,
What, then, does it mean to you?

Like a word spoken, with lips to the wall,
It goes unheard; the ground to fall
Like shutters on a grand window,
So much to see, nowhere to go.

An act would be all that it takes,
The soil of all that's good to rake,
And yet we sit in arrogant filth,
With what ground we stand remaining untilth.

 What then becomes of those who know?
Trapped inside what their brothers don't.
To Him, I say I heartily agree.
That we humans are blind.

So we wait by terms of the coming wind,
So swiftly to man, it brings the end.
At our actions man has yet to appall,
We wait in promise of our Father's Call.