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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Only Real Complication

A bit of an addendum... 

Hey there, classmates.
And classmates you are, as we all still learn everyday of our lives.
Not but a century ago, there was work to be done by true manual labor. There were no robots, machines, automatic assembly-lines and no computers.
Shocking, I know.
There was work to be done, and it was our duty to do it whether at the expense of being social or not. In fact, friendships and relationships were pretty simple back then, too. Your friends were your work mates, your family, and maybe the barkeep at the pub. Your marriages were arranged by your parents, who almost always knew best. Sociality was simple, and work was complicated.
Now, in the common day world that we know so well, we do have automatic assembly-lines, we do have fax machines and telephones, and we do have computers. Some jobs are no more than a few emails and a couple phone calls behind a desk in your office. Jobs aren't easy, but they are simple when things are said and done.
With all this stuff being automated, Facebook, and telephones that can call people nearly anywhere in the world, you'd think that life as humans would be quite simple and run of the mill.
But we all know the sad fact that human life is really not that simple at all.
Why, do you ask?
Because we took the one thing that used to take a backseat to our duty and jobs, we took the one thing that was simple and easy-going and we did what humans do best: We complicated it.
Today there is so much complication to being social and having friends or a relationship that most people could most literally cringe at it.
It doesn't stop us. No, it encourages us to somehow make it more and more complicated!

Yesterday I published a post about Human Analysis.
Today I realized how important it could be.

Not only is Human Analysis a great thing to study, as it could help you in a lot of respects, but it's a necessity. 
With a social life being so complicated as it is today, I believe it necessary to analyze people simply so you can understand and not offend.

Now, with that out of the way, let's move on.
I love that one phrase we use: "Entertaining an idea"
It is unfortunately completely backwards.
With the bare facts, humans are easily bored nowadays.
Not only can we not - the greater population of our world - handle studying bare facts without getting bored, but the idea literally has to entertain us
Books, study books, are written in such a way as to entertain the person who's reading it.
People on blogs write informative facts on their posts all the while having to hold your hand and entertain you, and I'm guilty of this, too.
Where does this breach of duty end?
When can we bare the true facts in mind, and put sociality back in it's place?
I didn't come here to rant, and I didn't come here to entertain.
I came here to point out a fact easily overlooked by a lazy eye.

 As always, your host,

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