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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Little Holmes Inside Us All

And the word of the day is...

Hey there, classmates.
I've never really thought of myself being a teacher one day.
Not a school teacher or a professor, but more of a mentor.
Why? Because I've never seen my own knowledge as above any others.
I'm by no means selfless, not at all.
It's more of a "down on myself" thing than it is me being modest.
I'm sure everyone (minus kids below the age of 12) knows about the teenage years where it seems your doing an unending amount of "soul-searching" of sorts.
Makes you a bit sick of yourself sometimes.
The reason why we don't find ourselves as quick as we believe we should is because we're afraid to.
Why? Because when you find yourself, you have to accept the responsibility it entails.
Now, I won't preach my wisdom about responsibility, as I'm sorely lacking in that area.
I will, however, talk a bit about analysis:
Human Analysis. 

[big title words theme]

Human Analysis

Jeez, resetting the font takes me a few seconds sometimes.
I blame it on Firefox.
But I digress.
I once read a small book about half way through, with the same title as above: Human Analysis.
It's reasoning's were mostly right, but it's presentation made me a little sick.
It had to do with the "Five Human Types"; the integrity of which is very questionable in my eyes.
Especially because it conflicts with the basis that we do, indeed, have souls. 
I did agree with one facet of it:
We are all much more alike than we think.
 So, Mr. Jacob, how did you come to this impromptu conclusion?
Well it started here at home.
   My little sister, Hannah, has this way of talking that makes her seem smart and arrogant at the same time.
It used to annoy me to no end.
One day I was talking with her in the classroom (or study, whichever you wish) and it was about something computer-y.
It slapped me in the face.
What did?
The realization that I sounded exactly the same way she did.
I even moved my mouth the same way.
From that day on, I was no longer annoyed by the way she talked anymore, as you might have guessed.
Well, Mr. Jacob.. She's your family. You two are bound to have plenty of similarities.
So, so true.
But wait! There's more.
I went to Swing Dancing (something a wrote a blog post one) last Friday night, and I was talking to a very nice fellow named Timothy.
He seemed entirely my opposite - big, burly. A bit dull even -
so he made quite the engaging conversation.
Half way through our talk, he started talking about sports.
And once again, that invisible hand slapped me across my face.
He talked in just the same way that me and my sister had the tendency to talk.
And that completely changed my perspective.
So, Mr. Jacob, get to the point!
Fine, Mr. Voice, I will!
Human Analysis was created by people who most likely knew themselves well.
How did they know themselves so well, you ask?
Because they analyzed others.
In conclusion:
If we aren't so different from other people, then by figuring them out, won't we find a piece of ourselves in the process?
I guess it's a question best answered by time and experimentation.

Mr. Jacob, you brought us all this way so you could give us a silly experiment?!


I may not ever become anyone's mentor, or anyone of grand knowledge. But, in the end, I reserve the right to dream.

As always, your host,

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