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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Plant Outside My Window

by Jacob A. Howard

There's a plant outside my window
As green as the greenest grass.
It's innocence will shine right through
All you have to do is ask.

There's a plant outside my window,
It's light will never give out,
The light that brings its constant beauty
Is the beautiful sun, without a doubt.

There's a plant outside my window,
It stares up at the blue sky.
It's limbs of green with flecks of brown
Forever reaching, it never dies.

There's a plant outside my window
It sits there all year 'round.
Forever a smile on its green face,
And never wearing a frown.

I wish I was the plant outside my window,
So happy and so green.
 To live with a smile, each and every day,
To see past what cannot be seen.

To let the worry slide right off,
My ever weary brow,
To stop worrying about the future
And live for what is now.

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