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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Got Nothing To Post About

Nothing at all....

Hey there, classmates.
Today I'm going to go on this long speech about problematic things and approach how to fix it from a G-dly Philosophical point of view.
Nope, not really.
Wanna know why?
Well here it is:
I ain't got nothin' to post about!

So am I just going to ramble on like I've been doing lately?
Oh, yes!

I've felt good the past few days, but also bad.
Good being in the mood-esque category.
Bad being in the "I feel under the weather" category.
So if there is a good medium that actually exists between those to mediums then.
That's how I feel.

I've not felt very inspired lately, I've just felt like living on. Doing my usual thing. Same ole, same ole.
I imagine it's rather normal to have these little spurts of uninspiration (if that's a word) every now and then.

So to cap this off leave me some inspirational things, or if you can't think of any, how you've felt this week in the comment section below.

Down here.

As always, your host,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Feel Good

Great. in fact...

Ya know, I could try for a new greeting like, "wazzup, classmates?" or, "howdy do there, young fellers" though the last, admittedly, doesn't fit me at all. No, I think I'll stick with my normal, nearly burnt out, greeting:

Hey there, classmates.
Today I feel amazing.
I can't say that about most school-days, haha.
Mostly because I wake up early, drink a cup of coffee, get done with my chores and schoolwork and then either crash, or hop on the computer.
But today, yes today, I feel amazing.
Kind of odd, considering I got only about 4 hours and 30 minutes of sleep.
Maybe my mind is just stuck in that late-night thought process where you think almost completely different. That dreamy effect where your emotions run deep.
I call it: Night Thoughts.
So creative, I know.

Whatever it is, I feel really happy and efficient today. I woke up, immediately hopped in the shower, put up the dishes, took out the recycling, brought in left-overs from the outside fridge, took the extra mattress out of my bedroom and put it back on the bed in the classroom, grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside to do my math.
Here I am, done with math, reading, vocabulary, and sitting down to right my dutiful and fun blog post :).
I feel amazing.
And that's pretty much what I wanted to say today.
So to make this worthwhile, leave how amazing you feel or how you feel in general in comment section below.

As always, your host,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ramblings of a Certain Importance

'tis the truth...

Hey there, classmates.
Well, butter my biscuits!
I love that phrase.
So southern, haha.
Reminds me of that funny quote from Meet the Robinsons:
"Bake them cookies, Lucille!"
Oh, the great many movies I've seen. Unfortunately, a great many of them weren't great. But there's some that just stick with you.
Already I'm pointlessly rambling on.
So, to further augment my rambling, I'll talk about something off the usual par.
I sometimes get tired of seeing little complaints on different sites - specifically Facebook. Complaints like: I hate my life, my life sucks, I'm bored, my life is boring, etc.
So you know what? I'm gonna talk about how GOOD my life is.
Where to start. Where to start...
Well I have amazing parents who are soul mates, great parents, and loving ones too. They're - simply put- amazing in every way, though they have yet to figure it out. (Don't tell them please... Their heads might grow too large for them to carry). My sister, Hannah, is supportive - for the most part :) - and, when she isn't, she's picking on me which pretty much conveys the same loveliness as her being supportive. I always have something to occupy my time. Whether it be video recording, editing, writing, schoolwork, gaming, or watching TV with my parents and sister, I'm hardly EVER bored. When I am it never lasts more than about 10 minutes at most.
I enjoy what I do vigorously.
My hobbies that is..
Sometimes I lose track of my head, and put my hobbies, not necessarily before, but first in the list of priorities before what's truly important. I, or my mother, smack some sense into me and I'm usually good to go for another month or two :). 
I have no problem with my chores.
I actually like washing the cars.
It's peaceful, doing something simple and being in the fresh air.
I hate cleaning the insides, though, but I guess it's called a chore because you have to do it and not necessarily enjoy it. So I get over that fairly easy.
I love videography and all it's inner-workings and tasks that it, therein, implies.
I swear by Sony Vegas, and feel that After Effects is a little too clunky. 
I sit here and edit videos, throw them up on YouTube, and hope I get some views.
I go to swing dancing at the American Legion in downtown Pensacola most Friday nights, which I enjoy immensely.

My life is great, and I say that not in a bragging manner.
No. I say it as a lesson to those complainers. A lesson to those people who "hate their lives". Start talking about the good in your life, and leave the negative for G-d to solve.
You won't get anywhere complaining, so why fill the air with negativity?  

As always, your host,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post Over At Chick N Charge!

Join me over at the Chick N Charge to see my guest post!
Hope you guys like it.
Blog posts will continue regularly next week!

As always, your host,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What It Takes

Nope, not an anecdote...

Hey there, classmates.
I hear a lot of people ask the same thing on sites like yahoo answers and others.
They all ask one thing:
"What does it take to be a good blogger?"

My solemn answer to that comes in three forms due to inspiration from a video I once watched (thanks will be given at the end).

What it takes to be a blogger:
Well blogging doesn't take celerity, nor does it require dexterous hands. You can type as slowly as you please, even if one post takes you all evening long. What it takes to be a blogger is a computer, a Google account, and for you to sign up for blogger. After that's done, you create a blog, name it, and name the address(for linking purposes). When those simple steps are complete you then go to your dashboard, hit the "new post" button under your blog tab, and type away. Those simple steps are all it takes to be a blogger.

What it takes to be a good blogger:
To be a good blogger you need three things. The first is time to think. If you never have time to think and are always busy you'll never come up with a worthy post. The second is skill. Skill, unlike it sounds, is simple to gain. You need to be able to word your thoughts correctly and slap 'em down in the typing box for your post. Not much skill required, but it can be tougher than you think. The third thing you need is style, not to say that you need to keep up with the latest fashions. No, I'm talking about your personal style. Your layout, your writing, your pictures; it can be whatever you want. But a style is definitely important. No one wants to read a rambling post with no charm or timing.
That's what it takes to be a good blogger.

What it takes to be a great blogger:
A great blogger thinks through the eyes of his readers. He not only knows how to put his thoughts in the text box with style and charm, but he knows exactly how to say them in an unequivocal manner. His layout, his writing, everything to do with his blog is his style. A style that fits him perfectly, a style he has perfected, and a style that he is most comfortable with. A great blogger is truly a guru of the internet. A great blogger is never maladroit in what he does. Never is pallid in the face of a challenge. Never presumptuous. Never incoherent. A great blogger is scrupulous in his work. And he also has connections. How can you get connections? Follow other people's blogs, find friends who have blogs, put yourself out there through link parties, guest posts, and comments.
That's what it takes to be a great blogger.

Am I a great blogger?
I will never decide that for myself.
That's for you guys to decide.

Thank you guys for reading and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Have a great day!

As always, your host and helper,

P.S. Thanks X, for your video style which inspired this post.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Growing Personality

A thought for better choices...

Hey there, classmates.
I woke up this morning or, rather, was woken up in an unexpected way.  My niece, Lucy, came to my bedside and whispered in my ear with her tiny chipmunk voice:
"Uncle Neenee, wake up, it's 8 o' clock"
My first thought was:
Oh no, another day of schoolwork.
Which, to be honest, is the average first thought of most teenagers waking up on a school day. Or, at least, I hope so I don't feel so alone...

Later in the day I quickly realize that it isn't as terrible as my sleepy mind registered it to be. I get done fairly quick too.
One of the annoying things about myself is the fact that I easily get lost in deep thought. That, coupled with the fact that I'm homeschooled, makes writing a blog post everyday a piece of cake.
The point that I enjoy it makes it all the better.

During my lost-in-space time today, I thought of how in a work environment or school environment your personality and/or thought process is never, or hardly ever, challenged by anyone.
The explanation of this is the fact that we live in a world where things are no longer enjoyed or craved. I'm talking about things like learning, or the job we do. I, also, do not speak of all of us... Just most.

I'm pleased to say that, being homeschooled, my personality is constantly challenged by my siblings and parents. I find myself talking to them about things I would never speak of to one of my friends. This is because I find that most of my friends challenge my own thoughts whatsoever. A few of them do, and they are the one's who I get the best conversation out of.

A normal day of school or work would mean a hello or how are you and then a good bye. Nothing to challenge, nothing to provoke.

So as a task for myself and to others who find that their personalities go completely on growing to to the lack of going outside of their comfort zones to talk about something previously untouched or do something previously undone, I would like each of you to find the perfect environment of like-minded individuals. A group of people who can challenge YOUR personality, who can influence you in the right ways and begin helping a growing personality grow that much quicker. 

Seems like an impossible task for some, but maybe we just don't try hard enough.
So try it and, in the end, maybe those individuals are the ones living with you right now.
Those people we call:

As always, your host,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Awkward Inconsistencies

I doubt I've proven myself trustworthy this summer...

If you're still out there, then hello again, classmates.
It's been much longer than I had planned.
To add emphasis to that statement, I'll rephrase.
It's been too long. Much too long.

I felt an inkling, or rather, a terrible instance of what I, and I'm sure most of you call: boredom.
Call me inconsistent, call me untrustworthy, call me what you will.
I'll firmly agree with most of it. But rather than sit here and ramble on about my broken promise, I'll close this rant with one statement of consolation.
I'm back :)

On the note of my own failure, have any of you ever felt completely helpless to a bout of I-don't-feel-like-it's in respect to something such as blogging and/or running or administrating a website? I sure have, and, indeed, in both respects. Throughout the summer I was completely neglecting the YouTube channel I spoke of in the last post, along with it's adjoining blog, Facebook, and twitter. In fact, when I tried to do something with them, it felt like something or someone (wonder who) just didn't allow me to. Whether I was interrupted, or forgot to set the timer for Fraps, or neglected to unmute my, frankly, worn-out headset I just could not get anything done.

So there you have it:
My, probably, poorly written excuse for my negligible, arrogant attitude for a summer spent in boredom and getting almost nothing done. Ignore the run-on.   

So, if you're still there, leave me what you did over the summer in the comment section below so that I can feel inspired for my next one.
And on that sorry note, I bid you all a very fond farewell. (Name the quote, get a cookie)

As always, your host,