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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What It Takes

Nope, not an anecdote...

Hey there, classmates.
I hear a lot of people ask the same thing on sites like yahoo answers and others.
They all ask one thing:
"What does it take to be a good blogger?"

My solemn answer to that comes in three forms due to inspiration from a video I once watched (thanks will be given at the end).

What it takes to be a blogger:
Well blogging doesn't take celerity, nor does it require dexterous hands. You can type as slowly as you please, even if one post takes you all evening long. What it takes to be a blogger is a computer, a Google account, and for you to sign up for blogger. After that's done, you create a blog, name it, and name the address(for linking purposes). When those simple steps are complete you then go to your dashboard, hit the "new post" button under your blog tab, and type away. Those simple steps are all it takes to be a blogger.

What it takes to be a good blogger:
To be a good blogger you need three things. The first is time to think. If you never have time to think and are always busy you'll never come up with a worthy post. The second is skill. Skill, unlike it sounds, is simple to gain. You need to be able to word your thoughts correctly and slap 'em down in the typing box for your post. Not much skill required, but it can be tougher than you think. The third thing you need is style, not to say that you need to keep up with the latest fashions. No, I'm talking about your personal style. Your layout, your writing, your pictures; it can be whatever you want. But a style is definitely important. No one wants to read a rambling post with no charm or timing.
That's what it takes to be a good blogger.

What it takes to be a great blogger:
A great blogger thinks through the eyes of his readers. He not only knows how to put his thoughts in the text box with style and charm, but he knows exactly how to say them in an unequivocal manner. His layout, his writing, everything to do with his blog is his style. A style that fits him perfectly, a style he has perfected, and a style that he is most comfortable with. A great blogger is truly a guru of the internet. A great blogger is never maladroit in what he does. Never is pallid in the face of a challenge. Never presumptuous. Never incoherent. A great blogger is scrupulous in his work. And he also has connections. How can you get connections? Follow other people's blogs, find friends who have blogs, put yourself out there through link parties, guest posts, and comments.
That's what it takes to be a great blogger.

Am I a great blogger?
I will never decide that for myself.
That's for you guys to decide.

Thank you guys for reading and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Have a great day!

As always, your host and helper,

P.S. Thanks X, for your video style which inspired this post.

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