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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ramblings of a Certain Importance

'tis the truth...

Hey there, classmates.
Well, butter my biscuits!
I love that phrase.
So southern, haha.
Reminds me of that funny quote from Meet the Robinsons:
"Bake them cookies, Lucille!"
Oh, the great many movies I've seen. Unfortunately, a great many of them weren't great. But there's some that just stick with you.
Already I'm pointlessly rambling on.
So, to further augment my rambling, I'll talk about something off the usual par.
I sometimes get tired of seeing little complaints on different sites - specifically Facebook. Complaints like: I hate my life, my life sucks, I'm bored, my life is boring, etc.
So you know what? I'm gonna talk about how GOOD my life is.
Where to start. Where to start...
Well I have amazing parents who are soul mates, great parents, and loving ones too. They're - simply put- amazing in every way, though they have yet to figure it out. (Don't tell them please... Their heads might grow too large for them to carry). My sister, Hannah, is supportive - for the most part :) - and, when she isn't, she's picking on me which pretty much conveys the same loveliness as her being supportive. I always have something to occupy my time. Whether it be video recording, editing, writing, schoolwork, gaming, or watching TV with my parents and sister, I'm hardly EVER bored. When I am it never lasts more than about 10 minutes at most.
I enjoy what I do vigorously.
My hobbies that is..
Sometimes I lose track of my head, and put my hobbies, not necessarily before, but first in the list of priorities before what's truly important. I, or my mother, smack some sense into me and I'm usually good to go for another month or two :). 
I have no problem with my chores.
I actually like washing the cars.
It's peaceful, doing something simple and being in the fresh air.
I hate cleaning the insides, though, but I guess it's called a chore because you have to do it and not necessarily enjoy it. So I get over that fairly easy.
I love videography and all it's inner-workings and tasks that it, therein, implies.
I swear by Sony Vegas, and feel that After Effects is a little too clunky. 
I sit here and edit videos, throw them up on YouTube, and hope I get some views.
I go to swing dancing at the American Legion in downtown Pensacola most Friday nights, which I enjoy immensely.

My life is great, and I say that not in a bragging manner.
No. I say it as a lesson to those complainers. A lesson to those people who "hate their lives". Start talking about the good in your life, and leave the negative for G-d to solve.
You won't get anywhere complaining, so why fill the air with negativity?  

As always, your host,

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