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Monday, July 11, 2011

Awkward Inconsistencies

I doubt I've proven myself trustworthy this summer...

If you're still out there, then hello again, classmates.
It's been much longer than I had planned.
To add emphasis to that statement, I'll rephrase.
It's been too long. Much too long.

I felt an inkling, or rather, a terrible instance of what I, and I'm sure most of you call: boredom.
Call me inconsistent, call me untrustworthy, call me what you will.
I'll firmly agree with most of it. But rather than sit here and ramble on about my broken promise, I'll close this rant with one statement of consolation.
I'm back :)

On the note of my own failure, have any of you ever felt completely helpless to a bout of I-don't-feel-like-it's in respect to something such as blogging and/or running or administrating a website? I sure have, and, indeed, in both respects. Throughout the summer I was completely neglecting the YouTube channel I spoke of in the last post, along with it's adjoining blog, Facebook, and twitter. In fact, when I tried to do something with them, it felt like something or someone (wonder who) just didn't allow me to. Whether I was interrupted, or forgot to set the timer for Fraps, or neglected to unmute my, frankly, worn-out headset I just could not get anything done.

So there you have it:
My, probably, poorly written excuse for my negligible, arrogant attitude for a summer spent in boredom and getting almost nothing done. Ignore the run-on.   

So, if you're still there, leave me what you did over the summer in the comment section below so that I can feel inspired for my next one.
And on that sorry note, I bid you all a very fond farewell. (Name the quote, get a cookie)

As always, your host,

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