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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Long Goodbye for a Short While

Very short while...

Hey there, classmates.
I welcome you back to the blog for my last post of the school-year and the last post until next Monday.
The sun is out today, and I can almost smell summer. Along with all the fun that summer ensues, I also have a lot of work to do, saving up for a new computer. I'll be mobile blogging and introducing some pictures every once in a while, incorporating them into the summer posts. After purchasing my new equipment, I'll probably spend a bit on editing programs, such as but not limited to: Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Fraps, and an HD PVR. 

Being that my blogs are very important to me, I might be putting some money into them. Depends on how things go.

Without much else to say, classmates, I must bid you a very fond farewell. I'll see you next Monday, and I hope you'll like the surprise I have in store for you *wink*

Goodbye, classmates, have a wonderful day, have a beautiful summer, and I'll see you soon

As always, your host, bidding you farewell,

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