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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost In Time

Sort of...

Hey, classmates.
What thrills you in life?
What do you want to be when you're older?
What interests you most?

For my little sister, Hannah, the answer to all these is archaeology. She loves it. Every facet of it. She enjoys dusting off old artifacts and restoring them, bagging them in specific categories, and just plainly admiring them.
I, myself, am not as interested and lack, mostly, the concentration for work so tedious, I guess. Unlike me, my sister has that concentration, that ability in her mind to think organize. Simply because she's amazing like that.

Now with my sister's love of archaeology, imagine how excited she must have been when she was told we were going to do a little archaeology ourself for community service. She was, indeed, ecstatic. She couldn't have been more forceful rushing us out the door. Need I say more?

Now aside from my sister, me and my mother were also excited. It seemed like a lot of fun, and I, myself, like restoring things, old and new. As does my mother.
So we arrived at the building where we were to start our jobs, and we were greeted by a man at the counter. He led us to a back room where we were introduced to a younger woman named Terra, which is, oddly enough, my sister's name. She sat us down at a table to the left of the room from where we came in, and showed us our sifting screens. Asking if we were ready, and upon hearing us reply that we were, she handed us each a toothbrush. My mom got her own bag and Hannah and I got one to share. They were promptly dumped into the sifting screens and we lifted them up and gave them a shake, removing the dirt. We began to dust off little fragments of rock and other things such as glass, ceramic tile, pebbles, etc. It quickly became tedious, but something about working with your hands is actually peaceful. The hours flew by and finally we had everything sorted out in categories on our tray. With a few mistakes, retries, and well.. More mistakes and retries, we had the bags marked with all the info and began to bag everything.
Everything except the glass and ceramic tile.
The glass we had to wash with a wet toothbrush, to get the dirt off of it. We then left it on the tray to dry, upon the command from Terra. 

All in all, guys, I'm going to be brutally honest, it wasn't the best field trip I've taken, mostly due to the dust really  getting to my allergies. But my mother and sister enjoyed it very much, and that's all that mattered to me. The work was interesting and enjoyable, and I can now easily tell the difference between asphalt, mortar, charcoal, and really rusted metal (harder than you think). 

As always, your host,

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