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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The First Day of The Rest of My Life

And how much nervousness it ensues...

Hey, classmates.
So right off, here comes the big spill:
I'm taking my CPT today.
Yes, today.
And I'm nervous as all get out (never understood that terminology).

For those of you who don't know what a CPT is, well, it's a college placement test. You're probably wondering, "He's fifteen, he can't go to college, right?" and the answer to that is: You are correct. I'm NOT going to college, I'm going to JUNIOR college. I'm going to PSC (Pensacola State College or as it used to be, Pensacola Junior College, aka PJC)for my last two high school years. That's a big opportunity and a big deal, especially for me. As you might have noticed, I'm not maintaining my usual level of speech. This is due to the amount of pain in my stomach which, in turn, is due to the insane amount of nervousness that holds me in it's grasp. 

A note on nervousness:
It hurts.

Now I realize what I am capable of, and I know I can score good on this test. In fact, I have no clue why I'm nervous. I simply am. Maybe it's just the fact that they call it a test. Maybe if the called it an exam I'd feel less nervous. Then again, I'd feel as if they were examining me. Yea, that wouldn't work.

Okay, so it's time to be serious. I want to talk about my strong points in schoolwork. I've always loved science, in fact, it's still my favorite. But it seems I've always had a knack for math. I'm good with grammar (you might have noticed) and I shouldn't have trouble with that. The essay part of the test should be fine, as I'm rather good at putting my thoughts into words and arguing my point. The history part, being as history has never been my strong point, worries me slightly. I love history, but it's just never stuck in my mind quite as well as science or math. So all in all, I'm not too worried.

Okay, I lied, I'm really worried. In fact this is what I feel like at the moment:

Sad, I know.
Anyways, guys, today was mostly just an update and a rambling on. I'll get back to my philosophical posts in due time. Tomorrow, in fact. 

As always, your host,

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