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Friday, May 6, 2011

Making It Your Own

A continuation of yesterday's post....

Good day, classmates.

I'm definitely liking my new blog template. Tell me what you think about it.

Now, if that was all I was going to talk about today, I wouldn't have blogged at all. No, today, with my coffee in hand, I'll talk about inspirations. Recently I was inspired to write a novel. Being that I've already talked about it, I will mention that I've also been inspired to enter a little business with my mother. The business includes the following in order:
  1. Find a piece of furniture, in good condition or otherwise, on craigslist (for free hopefully, or if your not short on money, for cheap).
  2. Buy it (or not) and take it home.
  3. Sand it down and refinish it (depending on its current state).
  4. Then give it your own little flares. 
Now, some guys out there might think:

"Haha, he's decorating furniture, how feminine."
I sometimes laugh at ignorance like that, you know?
To justify my little rant I'd like to say that this job was originally given to carpenters, who are, in fact, mostly men. That being said, let's continue on. I love the very idea of making something my own and I always have. So today, ask yourself: what can you make you own? Well if you have any damaged furniture, then I have a few tips on that, but we don't all like the same thing do we? Tell me what you can make your own in the comment section below, and even supply me with some ideas of my own. I'm here to help and listen.

Now along with my most recent inspiration (the furniture one), I'll be starting a new blog about repurposing furniture. I'm thinking "Reclaim, Revamp, Repurpose". Give me some ideas, guys.
As always, your host,

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