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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food For Thought


Hey again, classmates.
I was riding home from the gym with my father yesterday and we began having this strange, almost pointless, conversation. I call it "The Abnormalities of Todays Normality". Catchy right? Here's my hypothesis (prepare to have your mind boggled): Nothing is abnormal until it is compared, and differs from, your definition of normal. Many people have asked "Is Anyone normal?"
I answer with a question of my own:
"What is normal?"
If what you call normal differs from someone else's normal, are you abnormal? Who knows? And further more, does it honestly matter?

*Spoiler Warning*
If you'd like to continue pondering on this, read no further. I feel the need to sum this up.

No, being normal doesn't matter. Today's normal is a sick difference from Godliness. And in the end I'd much rather be Godly and different, than normal and doomed. Wouldn't you?
Food for thought.

Quick update time.
I'm putting a hold on my novel. I feel the inspiration slipping away, and I'd rather wait until I regain it to write than to continue it now and risk a shoddy chapter or two. Also, with no feedback on my new blog, I'll be going with my instinct and heart on the template choice. I like the one it has now, it fits what I'm doing, or rather what I'm beginning to do over the summer. 
Now, with that being said, I must once again bid you farewell.
Also, leave your FFT (Food For Thought) in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

As always, your host,

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