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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Growing Personality

A thought for better choices...

Hey there, classmates.
I woke up this morning or, rather, was woken up in an unexpected way.  My niece, Lucy, came to my bedside and whispered in my ear with her tiny chipmunk voice:
"Uncle Neenee, wake up, it's 8 o' clock"
My first thought was:
Oh no, another day of schoolwork.
Which, to be honest, is the average first thought of most teenagers waking up on a school day. Or, at least, I hope so I don't feel so alone...

Later in the day I quickly realize that it isn't as terrible as my sleepy mind registered it to be. I get done fairly quick too.
One of the annoying things about myself is the fact that I easily get lost in deep thought. That, coupled with the fact that I'm homeschooled, makes writing a blog post everyday a piece of cake.
The point that I enjoy it makes it all the better.

During my lost-in-space time today, I thought of how in a work environment or school environment your personality and/or thought process is never, or hardly ever, challenged by anyone.
The explanation of this is the fact that we live in a world where things are no longer enjoyed or craved. I'm talking about things like learning, or the job we do. I, also, do not speak of all of us... Just most.

I'm pleased to say that, being homeschooled, my personality is constantly challenged by my siblings and parents. I find myself talking to them about things I would never speak of to one of my friends. This is because I find that most of my friends challenge my own thoughts whatsoever. A few of them do, and they are the one's who I get the best conversation out of.

A normal day of school or work would mean a hello or how are you and then a good bye. Nothing to challenge, nothing to provoke.

So as a task for myself and to others who find that their personalities go completely on growing to to the lack of going outside of their comfort zones to talk about something previously untouched or do something previously undone, I would like each of you to find the perfect environment of like-minded individuals. A group of people who can challenge YOUR personality, who can influence you in the right ways and begin helping a growing personality grow that much quicker. 

Seems like an impossible task for some, but maybe we just don't try hard enough.
So try it and, in the end, maybe those individuals are the ones living with you right now.
Those people we call:

As always, your host,

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