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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mission Quite Possible

I'm not going to make this a hyperbole, yet I'm not going to sit here in torpor wracking my brain for words fit to publish. I know what I'm here to say, and I know how I'm going to say it. On my first post "Do My Eyes Deceive Me?!" I stated what I was here for, and why I was blogging. I don't think I made myself clear enough or, further more, I did not make my mission defined enough. I'm here for many reasons. 1. Simply because I like doing what I do, and my mom and sis have a blog too so I figured "Hey, why not?" 2. I'm here to be a role-model for my posterity. 3. Because I want to do something out of the rife of my generation despite bad criticism and/or odious comments toward me.
In one of my posts "A Psalm of Life" I stated how we should all be heroes for our posterity. That's why it is absolutely my favorite poem without question. I'm here not because I am wiser than anyone, because I know I am young and people that are much older than me are much much wiser, but I humbly try my hardest not just for the previous generation, no, not exactly for them at all, but for the future. I sometimes sit and wish I could change many things in our world, though I won't list them so that there is no controversy on the subject. But don't we all wish to change something?? So why not act? Things can change sometimes with even a few simple, well thought up words, and I'm here to do just that. Now I stated before that I won't make this a LONG speech, but I do wish to make my point. If there is anyone out there reading this with some advice on how I should continue blogging or anything at all please comment it. It will be much appreciated. And I encourage every youngster such as myself to make something of themselves. We should not live in a world of slackers and underachievers. We all have a purpose in our lives, and, though some of us have yet to find it, we should never stop looking for it.
On another note, I will not be getting to the rest of Mus'ad's story until next week. Until then...

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (within reason),

P.S. Help another and you help yourself.

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