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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hump of the Grump part 1

Hello, my dear fellow classmates, today instead of just my normal deciphering or words of wisdom, I will let this story give you what wisdom you desire. This story is about a very grumpy camel. And it goes like this: In the great dessert lands of Arabia, there once was a grumpy camel named Mus'ad, and this camel had a master named Arif. Mus'ad thought his master worked him very hard and would always grumble and complain. In fact he grumbled and complained so much that he was known to be the grumpiest camel in all of the desert. One day his master woke him up so that he could ride him to the market and he grumbled and moaned and complained SO much that Arif decided to come home before he was finished shopping. When they got back, Mus'ad fell asleep and Arif shook his head in disappointment. That night Arif decided something that would change grumpy old Mus'ad's life forever... He decided to sell him.  The next morning Arif once again woke Mus'ad up, and after much pressuring and pushing and hassling Arif once again rode him to the market. When they got there, Mus'ad was surprised to see that his master rode him past the normal stalls in which he did his shopping. They kept riding until they were at a bigger tent-like area. In that area there seemed to have a lot of animals of all sorts roaming inside a fenced in area, but what was especially striking to Mus'ad was that there was a ton of camels. Arif dismounted him and took off his saddle. Mus'ad was confused by his master's actions and even more so when Arif took a rope, tied it around Mus'ad's neck, and started tugging him in the direction of the fenced in area where a man dressed in an expensive desert-robe was standing, trading the money in a bag for a round of camels. Mus'ad, at that moment, knew his fate.... They walked up to the man and Mus'ad moaned and moaned. The man with the bag of money laughed at this sight. His master, Arif handed the man the rope which was tied around Mus'ad's neck, and the man looked Mus'ad over with highly trained eyes. He then took out a small bag of coins and handed it to Arif, speaking in the strange tongue of human's. Mus'ad then was tugged down the path to the tent...... To be continued.

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