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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Computer "Virus"

No not an actual virus. We have AVG for that...

Greetings, classmates. Sorry for the scare (if there was one), if you thought that I had an actual computer virus. It was just the catchiest title I could think of (after doing algebra.. blegh). Anyways, it goes pretty well with what I'm gonna talk about (or rather ramble on about aimlessly.. kidding) today.

The Virus that is COMPUTER:
If we each only knew one word in our entire life, oh, how we'd cherish it! We'd study every syllable, gain every piece of information we could from it, until we knew everything about it, and be all the better for the work we've done. But today we have millions of books and infinite information at the click of a button, and yet we choose  to learn nothing. We choose to sit with the lonely knowledge that we've managed to glean from something we think we were forced to go through. One day we will die from voluntary ignorance. Why? Because, instead, the very tool we could use to make our knowledge as expanded as that of Einstein, we instead use for our own materialistic and idealistically surface pleasures. The computer games, and the sites like Facebook, rid us of important face-to-face values and in the end can just make us grumpy and all the worse for having given in to our self-pleasuring nature. Things like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many other sites like that, take away from even our personalities by making us forget that face-to-face chats, or even phone calls have actually more charm and turn out better and more fulfilling than the most high-tech chat-room. Now video-games, they're my weakness. I love to sit down and play computer for ours upon ours, even though that voice in the back of my head is telling me constantly "Get up, Jacob!", but i'm trying profusely to quit.
All in all the computer is fine in MODERATION.
Don't let it rule your life.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or yea you get the point,

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