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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dork of the Day

Oh, my nerdy self...

Hey hey hey, classmates! I feel surprisingly good and witty today. The sun's out and bright, but for some reason I wish it would rain. I guess it's because I like the feeling of being closed in doors and the sleepy feeling rain gives me. As if all the troubles of the world could just wash away, be brushed off my shoulders with the the cooling breeze rain brings. But, anyways, today I bring to you a new segment of my blog (which I will now be updating regularly during the week and on the weekends like I'm getting paid) I call it "The Dork of the Day"
Yes I did use to many emphasis thingamabobs/whatchamacallits, fun isn't it? Anyways, I was going to teach you guys a few tips and tricks to truly making a video game (PC only) your own! I'm going to use an old game I used to mod: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. That game used to be my favorite game of all time. So now anyways what I started of doing to make the game my own was activating the debug console. To do this on Windows XP this simply do the following: Open up your My Computer screen (easily accessed from the Start Menu) then click on your main disc driver (or whichever driver you installed your game to) then when the next screen loads click on the icon appropriately named Program Files. Next you need to find the Lucas Arts folder and click on that. When that loads, click on the options file (name may very) then when you get there simply scroll down the list until you find the gameplay options. Use a text editor to then edit in a line at the bottom of the gameplay section. The line you need to type is: EnableCheats= 1. Then startup your game and when you load a game simply hit the "~" key on your keyboard which should be found to the left of the "1" key and above the "Tab" key. There ya have it! You may now access the debugging console in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Now this, as I've discovered, does not work on vista because it has special security permissions that will not allow the editing of a sponsored game's option file. Anyways, try that out and expect more from me as the day progresses.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, and gaming guru who is one with the force,

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