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Monday, October 4, 2010

Torah Summary For This Week

A man of the earth.

Greetings, classmates. Today is a beautiful day here in Florida, mostly because it's nice and cool. You see we're on the hill that heads straight down to winter and it seems that Florida is taking the express train down this year. Anyways, I'm gonna give you guys a summary on this week's Torah.
Yes I mean Torah, as in, ya know, not Haf-Torah or Brit Hadashah, but just the Torah.

So this week's portion is called Noach (Hebrew for Noah), and of course, according to it's name, it's about Noah and the Ark. Now I'm not going to retell this week's Torah, that is for you to read, and I do suggest you read it. Now of course we all probably know the story of Noah and the Ark, the land was wicked, so G-d was gonna flood it and the only man who had any hope of turning from wickedness was Noah, so He told Noah to build the Ark and pack it full of animals. Terrible re-hash, I know, but, once again, if you want it in detail go read for yourself. So one key part is that the L-rd has an order for everyone to follow, from right to left, and everything in 7's, male and female. In fact if you read it over, you realize that G-d even said to bring 7 pairs of clean animals, male and female. So there's order for you. A pair of one male and one female animal, and seven of each pair. Why would He be so specific? Because He was establishing order, just like with Him telling Moses to rest on the seventh day, and take a sabbatical year on the seventh year. The language of his chosen people is read from right to left. That's order. Right to left, male and female, and the number 7. Anyways another thing is that when Noah and his family boarded the Ark, G-d shut them in.  Isn't that truly amazing? He Himself shut them in. Now when the Ark landed on Mt. Ararat, and Noah and his family left the Ark, G-d established his covenant with Noah. He said that he would never again curse the ground (flood the earth in this case) because of the wickedness of man. He said, and I quote, "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for G-d made man in his own image." What He said was that he would never again flood the earth, He would never again destroy every living creature as He had done, because man was wicked. He said this, and I quote, "For every man's heart is evil from his youth." So He would not destroy the earth again because, of course, we would again become wicked. So if he just kept destroying the world over and over again, man would never get anywhere. No, instead He set up a law, that if any man shed another man's blood, he would pay the ultimate price for said crime. He set up a law so that man would have a chance.
And we all have a chance.
That chance is with G-d and His Word.
The only question is:
What will YOU do?

I challenge every man out there, to be truly a man before the L-rd Himself. And it's a goal I set for myself everyday.

Truly, your friend, classmate, comrade, and brother in G-d,

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