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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day Four of the Four Day Blogathon

Ah, failure is so sorrowful, but what can I say? Life happens.

Greetings, classmates, you're probably wondering "Where in the world have you been?" The answer to that would be: right here. Life happens, and sometimes I forget, or am to busy, or other things are higher on my list of priorities (I don't remember having one of those. Perhaps I should start.) but this time, which is why I'm disappointed in myself, I have no excuse as to why I did not blog on Saturday. I simply didn't. I hope you all can forgive me. Anyways, without further delay, I will give you a summary on Friday night's swing dance adventure.

Swing dancing was, oh so, amazing. As soon as we arrived and had parked, I hopped out of the car. My big sister, Terra, then taught me the basic step right there in the parking lot before we went in to the big building. It did not take me long to learn, maybe about a total of 2 minutes actually. Terra said I was a natural, and that itself was enough to bring my usual smug smile to my face. We went inside, and it was pretty hot in there. I mean actually hot. It, seriously, was burning up. Only two people were dancing (and they seemed pretty dang experienced might I add). So me, Hannah, Terra, and A.J. (Scott didn't make it) took a seat and waited for the lessons to begin. When they finally did... Well I will admit freely, I was so very nervous, but I got up from my seat and stood in the line, side-by-side, with the other guys. The lessons began and we were taught the basic step, the Jitterbug. As the night went on, I truly was a natural, or at least, that's what I was told. I danced with many girls, yes, and had a ton of fun. I also saw my good friend, Wesley, whom I introduced to everyone.

All-in-all, swing dance, was a load of fun and a might even be going back again this Friday.
Anyways, that'll be all classmates.

Your friend, classmate, comrade, and swing dancer :),

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