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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Get-To-Know-Me Q&A

Greetings, classmates. It's been a while since I last posted, and I have no excuses other than disinterest. Pretty sad, is it not? Anyways... I realized that many of you know nothing more than what you can glean from my posts about me. So my idea was simply the following: a Q&A. With question's that I think are essential to knowing me I'm not going to go into detail on how I thought of it and what not, so I'll skip to the meat of it all. Here goes nothing.

Q1: Where were you born?
A1: Auburn, Alabama. The home of the hicks in my opinion. :)

Q2: What's your favorite color?
A2: Blue, of course.

Q3: Favorite show?
A3: Lost... even though it's over...

Q4:What about movie?
A4: Lord of the Rings is my passion.

Q5: Favorite type of music?
A5: Wow.. so many. Jazz, big band, classical, punk, alternative, etc.

Q6:Favorite band(s)?
A6: Relient K, The Inkspots, MxPx, etc.

Q7: Favorite poem?
A7: Charge of the Light Brigade

Q8: Play any instruments?
A8: Why, yes. Piano :)

Q9: Who is your hero?
A9: Raphael, one of the Ninja Turtles.

Q10: One thing you hate most?
A10: Hypocrites.

Continuing next time,

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