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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tom Swift and His Flying Lab

No, not a flying dog... sadly.. . 

Ever found a book that just made you feel like young. In this day and age kids just grow up to fast. Like me... I feel too old. I wanna grow DOWN (if possible please do notify me)! This book made me realize that kids even just two or three decades ago grew much slower and did not have the weight of worldly troubles on their shoulders. I don't know what happened to standards. During the last two decades it seems we've lost them doesn't it? Anyways, though I am just fourteen, I feel like I'm aging just too fast, and this book makes me feel like I'm one of those kids in the 50's or 60's. Cuz that's what kids my age read back then. OK so the story is about a young inventor (eighteen to be exact) named Tom Swift Jr. (his father's name is also named Tom Swift) who has designed and built a a huge flying lab called The Sky Queen. It has many area's inside including many labs and a galley. As the story starts a spy enters Swift Enterprises (the Swift's place of business and inventing) and holds a gun to the night guard's (Roberts') head. Stealing the plans for the new invention, super-Geiger counter, he makes a swift (ha-ha pun) escape. Tom and his father found out about this the next day and they explain why the super-Geiger counter is completely important and crucial to their mission, it ticks as an alarm when it has successfully  found traces of the substance it was made to find. Tom reports this to the police. The next day Tom and everyone head up in the Tom's personal plane and, upon testing the super-Geiger counter, realize that it is not a success in the slightest. Tom and his best pal, Bud, stay up most of he night working on an idea Tom had to make a machine that will work a million times more successfully than the super-Geiger counter. Tom's mother calls and they call it a night after finishing the machine up. They test the machine the next day and it is a complete success!

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