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Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 3 of the Four Day Blogathon!

Welcome to my blog, again, classmates. Yesterday, I momentarily forgot about swing dancing tonight, and was all "Friday just get outta the way! Let it be Saturday!" Oh would ya look at there.. it rhymed.. hey I'm a poet and didn't know it, I could make a rhyme anytime. Har har. Anyways, sorry for the moment of insanity, it's nice to have moments like those, it keeps you sane. Oh that's new... Insanity keeping you sane? Ok, enough of me going on about this. As I was saying: Then I realized that I was going swing dancing for my first time tonight, and was all "Nevermind, Friday, stay where you are!" So today we have an extraordinarily meaty blog post because of the following: I finish my 30 question "Get To Know Me" Q&A, I give you a short summary on the new book I've been reading (Among Malay Pirates by G. A. Henty), and I go on and on abut how excited I am for swing dancing tonight (Oh, you'll so enjoy that, I know).
So without further ado I give you the final 10 questions of my Q&A:

Q21: Most hated veggie?
A21: Carrots... Blegh.

Q22: Favorite pianist?
A22: Yiruma

Q23: What do you do when you're bored?
A23: Let's not go there... No I'm kidding. Play the piano, listen to music, get on the computer, etc. All in all, is   this question even viable? What do I do when I'm BORED? If we're doing something we're not really bored right?

Q24: Athletic or Intellectual?
A24: Intellectual, most definitely. Though I do enjoy sports and what not, I think a strong mind is as important as a strong body.

Q25: Favorite vacation spot?
A25: Disney world. Been there so many times, hope to go more than that in the future.

Q26: Favorite season?
A26: Winter, my friend, winter. The season to be jolly, for most people, is usually just the season for me to continue down my path to insanity, though.

Q27: Favorite dessert?
A27: Tiramisu from Jesse's restaurant, which brings us to Q28.

Q28: Favorite restaurant?
A28: See? Told you. Jesse's restaurant. Our little corner of paradise.. that isn't really a corner at all..

Q29: Do you have a pet?
A29: Why, yes. Dixie. My poofy mutt. I'll blog about her next week.

Q30: Your best/worst characteristic?
A30: Optimism is my best, annoying my mom, Hannah, and A.J. is probably my worst.

And here I'll add just one more for references sake:

Q31: Do you consider yourself insane?
A31: Yes, yes I do.

There ya have it!
Oh, I'm so excited for swing dancing that I could just dance. In fact, I will. One second... Ok I'm back, and I won't be doing that again. Anyways here's my short summary on that book I'm reading:

AMONG MALAY PIRATES by George Alfred Henty.

Once upon a time there were these two guys sitting on a boat-dock talking and wishing for something interesting to happen, when suddenly this big ship comes by, and, because of the pilot (who was distracted by the shiny birds), it crashed into a canoe that was drifting slowly in front of it. The boat was severely damaged and the crew was scattered into the water, but because they could swim like fish they were ok. The real problem was that the captain (who is badly injured) and his daughter (who is very young and cannot yet swim well) were still in the water. So the men jumped at the ready, took a small raft, and, to make a longer piece of the story short, they successfully rescue the captain (who is, apparently, also a tribal chief) and his daughter (also a tribal princess). His daughter is returned safely to the chief, who then thanks profusely saying he owes them his and his daughter's lives. The doctor comes in and tells the chief that if he is not quiet for a few weeks then his bones will heal slower. After a few weeks, the chief (Hassan) is ready to go and warns the men of the other tribal chief the men were assigned to protect, that that chief attacks and raids their lands and keeps their slaves as his own when they escape to his land.

I should have put a few spoiler warning signs before that. And because of this, I will go no further at the moment. Next week I'll write a continuation summary on the next chapters.
Now for those of you who didn't know, my birthday was on Monday. I got a lot of gifts including some money, which I used to buy an over-shirt for swing dancing tonight. I'll be posting pics of myself and other's on my Saturday blog post, but until then..

Your friend, classmate, comrade, or whatever else you wish to call me (I got one! Insane),

P.S. Insanity is just another word for genius.

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