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Monday, January 17, 2011

40 Days Turned To Years

And why...

Greetings, classmates. Have you ever, outright, asked yourself, "Why, God, why?". Well he isn't the problem, he isn't to be questioned, his judgement is perfect in every large and minuscule way. The problem is you. Karma very much exists, though it really isn't "Karma". What you do wrong WILL come back to haunt you one day, and for what you do right G-d will bless you. Look at it like this: there are Angels and Demons. For everything you do, for the L-rd and others, an Angel is made; for every sin you commit, a Demon. This G-d-made "Karma" is made to teach us that for every action there is a reaction, and whether that be a positive one or a negative one is up to the manner of the action, which is, thusly, up to the creator of the action. In this case it's you.
To give you a good example we'll talk about the Exodus.
We all know the story of how Moses rescued the Israelites from the hand of the Pharaoh and began the exodus to the Promised Land (or so I hope, and if you don't, read the Bible). During this Exodus G-d gave his ever-obedient prophet, Moses, commandments to give to the Israelites and for them to follow. When Moses went up to the mountain to receive the tablets of these commandments, he left behind a people with spiritual doubt. Let's go back to where the doubt sprang up from; let's go back to when Amalek and his people joined in the Exodus. It is not said in the Bible, but you can find many places that give unwaivering proof of them joining in. When they did, they brought there own spiritual doubts, there own need to spread that doubt. What you do, what you feel inside, and, truly, what you are, affects those around you. Action = Reaction. The negative action of spreading that seed of doubt throughout the camp lead the people to finally, while Moses was receiving the commandments on Mount Sinai, build a golden calf to worship as a false god. Moses came back and upon seeing this, broke the tablets in fury and disgust, that these people, who had been rescued from the lands of Egypt by the almighty G-d, who had been taken from slavery and made free, who once had know doubt in the L-rd's existence, would fashion a golden calf to worship in the place of G-d?! Words cannot even begin to describe what an outrage it was. Now when Moses gave the people the G-d-given commandments, they obeyed, and Aaron, Moses' brother, offered a sin-offering (a calf, ostensibly to atone for the golden one fashioned as an idol) for the people which saved them.
This is a lesson of life, my friends. If you let spiritual doubt into your life, if you do NOT wait for G-d to open the door and push it open yourself, you will turn your 40 day journey into a 40 year journey. Follow G-d's Word and wait for him to open the doors of the path you take, and you'll get there much quicker. G-d promises this to us, and his promises are not false. G-d, our heavenly father, is a leader. And therefore he must make examples of those who do wrong, and those who do right. Take Aaron's sons for example: They disobeyed a direct order to wait for the the L-rd's command to bring forth a burnt offering, therefore when they brought the strange fire before the L-rd, our Heavenly Father had to make an example of them, for if he didn't, the people would believe they could disobey the L-rd without consequences. So the L-rd willed the fire to consume the young men, and Aaron, standing nearby, didn't even flinch. Why did he not flinch? He must have been dying inside, right? Yes, yes he was... But he trusted the L-rd, trusted his judgement. We should all do that, should we not? We should all trust the L-rd to lead us down the right path, to open the doors that we truly need open, and to open our spiritual windows to the right things. He is the Almighty G-d, the King of Kings, our Perfect L-rd, He is everything. If we cannot trust Him, then we truly are lost aren't we?
Today, classmates, is the day to start letting Him lead, letting Him open the doors. Today is the day for us to start our spiritual journey down the right path; the path of G-d. Give praise to the L-rd, and he will bless you.

Thank you all for reading this post today.

Your friend, classmate, and comrade,

Today is the day to start!

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