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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Question Of Honor.

And how it used to be important...

Hello again, classmates. Have you ever felt honor-bound to do something, like protecting your siblings, obeying your parents, helping those in need, etc? If you have, then you've experienced something very amazing indeed.
Way back when, in the days that we now call ancient, there was this amazing factor called honor. It lead people to help others, protect others, and resist sinful temptations. If they did those things then they were honorable. Funny, it seems we've forgotten where that word sprang from hm? Yes, indeed, our Father in heaven is honor itself, so shouldn't we all be honorable?
I've trimmed the edges of this subject enough. Are YOU honorable? To know that, you must first know G-d. The L-rd is more than a specter of our imaginations to whom we give credit for the creation of our world. He IS the creator, and deep down, we all know it. What is honor? Honor is material isn't it? It's a way of saying "I am good, because I did what's right"; it's almost conceited in a way. But what is G-dly honor? G-dly honor is doing what G-d tells you to, doing right with others, and doing right by yourself. G-dly honor supersedes any other form of honor you might think of.
Does this mean we should all be G-dly honorable?
Yes it does.
If we ignore the fact that G-d is honor, then saying we're honorable doesn't get us far with him does it? So maybe THAT type of honor that the knights and crusaders and kings used back in mideval days doesn't give them as much credit as those fairytales let on. Because they did it for face value, not for G-d, and in that they were terribly wrong.

So there you have it classmates. G-d is honor, and acting out his commandments makes us the only form of honorable that has any real value: G-dly.

Your friend, classmate, and comrade,

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