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Thursday, January 6, 2011

TheDork of the Day; The Watchful Eye

Or eyes... Depending on if your a Cyclops or not....

Greetings classma.... Well, I REALLY need a new introductory sentence, don't I? One that is much more... Opulent... and A LOT less trite. Well... while I  might approach  this with immutable ambiguity; you, my fellow classmates and bloggers, might come up with some good ones. So go ahead and give it a try.  Today I give you not another exegesis of Want and Acting, with its profound, preceptual, use of the Guinevere and her salacious affair with Lancelot. No,today I bring you something to put your mind at ease from all the pondering you've been doing with me. I bring you another Dork of the Day! This game is called The Watchful Eye, and to win you must guess my ten vocabulary words of this week from the sentences above and after this one, and you must also not be my mother or sister. I candidly thought that this would be an immensely fun game, even for you Old People out there, blessed with longevity.

Good luck on guessing and remember, don't think TOO hard. They're pretty obvious.
Hint: Oh, sad, sad Guinevere...

Your friend, classmate, and comrade,

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