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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Onward and Forward!

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I once again welcome you back to my blog, classmates, and thank you for coming!
On Monday I added my thoughts about want to the many articles here on my meager blog. I hope you enjoyed that, for I have another good one coming up right about.... now. Wanting something is the first step of acting to get it, and that's what this one's about: Acting. Have you ever apologized to your parents, and then out of rebellion, or arrogance, did the same thing you apologized for again? Or have you ever wanted something or wanted to do something and, out of laziness, didn't act to get it. Well the wrong in the first is acting AGAINST your parents and therefore against G-d. Now, the wrong in the first is plausible, depending on what you didn't act for. Say, if your doing a consistent sin, and you do not act to stop doing so, even when you WANT to, it's wrong. Yet, if your wanting something wrong (such as Queen Guinevere, who wanted a night of passion/adultery with Sir Lancelot), then refraining from acting to get it is not wrong but a step toward G-dliness. Denying ourselves sinful pleasures is a step toward maturity. A step further is acting FOR the L-rd. Deny yourself a sinful pleasure and give the L-rd praise by obeying His commandments, His laws, and you WILL be blessed. Now, wanting sinful pleasures and denying yourself as such, is one thing, ridding yourself of the want is an a different, harder, thing. A habit, you WILL eventually be rid of, the more you deny yourself.
Today, my dear classmates, comrades, fellow believers, and fellow bloggers, I challenge you and me to start NOW to better ourselves. We must strive to perfect ourselves before it's too late. And we'll never know when it's too late until it is. So be ready. And, remember, the phrase "Actions speak louder than words" could never be truer.

Forever, your friend, classmate, comrade, and striver for perfection,

P.S. you may write a witty annotation, for the space I left open up at top, at the comment section. Thought it would be fun...

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